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 Martin Schonger, Ph.D.
(Economics, Princeton University)
Center for Law and Economics
IFW E45.1 ETH Zurich
8092 Zurich, Switzerland
office phone:  ++41-44 632 60 29






oTree An open-source platform for laboratory, online, and field experiments,
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance (9), March 2016: 88-97. (with D.Chen and C. Wickens)


Working Papers

An Experimental Test of the Anscombe-Aumann Monotonicity Axiom (with F. H. Schneider)

A theory of school vouchers, fee-for-service health care, price floors, quality floors and competition attenuation

Equal Pay for Unequal Medicine

Social Preferences or Sacred Values? Theory and Evidence of Deontological Motivations, Toulouse School of Economics Working Paper, n. 16-714, October 2016. (with D. Chen)

A Theory of Experiments: Invariance of Equilibrium to the Strategy Method of Elicitation and Implications for Social Preferences, Toulouse School of Economics Working Paper, n. 16-724, October 2016. (with D. Chen)

Testing axiomatizations of ambiguity aversion, Toulouse School of Economics Working Paper, n. 16-717, October 2016. (with D. Chen)


Vouchers, Inequality and Competition (2012)
Advisor: Stephen Morris Committee: Sylvain ChassangJanet Currie,  Cecilia Rouse