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Martin Schonger, Ph.D.
Center for Law and Economics
IFW E45.1 ETH Zürich
8092 Zürich, Switzerland
office phone:  ++41-44 632 60 29


Working Papers

Allais at the Horse Race: Testing Models of Ambiguity Aversion (with F. Schneider)

A theory of school vouchers, fee-for-service health care, price floors, quality floors and competition attenuation

Equal Pay for Unequal Medicine

oTree: An Open Source Platform for laboratory, online and field experiments (with D. Chen and C. Wickens)

Social Preferences or Sacred Vales? Theory and Evidence of Deontological Motivations (with D. Chen)

Self-Image and the Strategy Method (with D. Chen)

Ambiguity Aversion without Asymmetric Information (preliminary title, with D. Chen)

Ambiguity Aversion with 3 or More Outcomes (preliminary title, with D. Chen)


Vouchers, Inequality and Competition (2012)
Advisor: Stephen Morris Committee: Sylvain Chassang, Janet CurrieCecilia Rouse