oTree is an open-source software for experiments in the social sciences.  The idea idea behind oTree is to have a tool that can be used in the lab, online and in the field. It runs on any device that has a modern web-browser.

Apart from research, other uses of oTree are possible. For instance, I use oTree in teaching. Here, the entire class plays a game, everyone on their smartphone. This is embedded in to the lecture and course content.

What Linus Torvalds is to Linux, Chris Wickens is to oTree. I was lucky to work with him. We worked together very closely when we dreamed up what it should be able to do and how, and then in the subsequent testing and pilot experiments. My contribution was not in coding, but as an economist bringing the user’s perspective.

For interested users: oTree.org

For interested developers: https://github.com/oTree-org/oTree